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Yarn Bombing in Old Colorado City


June 10, 2012 by csukach

The Old Colorado City Library in Old Colorado City, Colo., was the site of a yarn bombing as local residents participated in the second annual International Yarn Bombing Day June 9, 2012.

Yarn bombing is the act of covering typically stationary objects with yarn or fiber in an expression of soft, removable graffiti.  Most yarn bombers consider their work artistic and see it as a way of reclaiming and personalizing public spaces.  Deborah Bonifas, Information Specialist at the Old Colorado City Branch of the Pikes Peak Library District, organized this local yarn bombing event.


Deborah Bonifas:  “In its infancy it was called guerrilla knitting because people did it under cover of dark and it was just sort of a real counterculture type of, way of doing things.

It evolved into yarn bombing because it was this sort of, this explosion of yarn all over surfaces.

Well today is International Yarn Bombing Day.  The object is to cover familiar objects in your environment with knitted and crocheted pieces to help you look at your environment in a different way.

And doing this here where we’ve got pillars and trees and just, and it’s so exposed to the community, it’s a wonderful thing that we can just bring this type of art and soft graffiti out into the open.

This is such a communal effort between all of our stitchers that come to our stitching group—our teen group that meets here at the library—and stitchers from the community that want to put into it, because it’s a group effort.

A lot of yarn, some yarn bombing is just a singular effort where someone sees what they want to do, goes home, plots it out, figures how they want to put it on.  And you walk out of a restaurant one day and think, ‘Oh, that tree’s got a sweater on it.’

To make it easier, we don’t mind what kind of yarns, what kind of stitches, what kinds of colors because we know that when we put it together we’ll get something that’s really whimsical or really eye-catching and that’s what we want to do.

It’s an explosion of color and stitches and it’s just wonderful.”

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