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Supplying Urban Farmers


January 27, 2013 by csukach

Buckley's Homestead Supply Window

Buckley’s Homestead Supply provides items like canning supplies for urban farmers and do-it-yourself folks wanting to can their own produce. (Photo: Buckley’s Homestead Supply)

With the rise in urban agriculture growing in Colorado Springs, Colo., as well as across the nation, urban farmers may find themselves needing supplies to support their lifestyles.

That’s where Buckley’s Homestead Supply can help.  Located in Old Colorado City, Colo., at 1501 West Colorado Avenue, the store provides essentials for making cheese, soap and yogurt.  They also stock tools and livestock feed as well as provide locally made products like soap.

The store, owned and operated by Allison and Ed Buckley, a local science teacher and dairy employee respectively, opened its doors last summer to the support of local urban farmers.

Seeds at Buckley's Homestead Supply

Buckley’s provides items like heirloom seeds for gardeners and urban farmers wanting to keep tradition alive in their back yards. (Photo: Buckley’s Homestead Supply)

From do-it-yourself homesteaders and backyard gardeners to full-fledged urban farmers, Buckley’s provides supplies locally to those wanting to funnel their dollars back into the local community as opposed to shopping for supplies via Internet sites that may be housed thousands of miles away.

In addition to being a supply source to urban farmers like The Goat Cheese Lady, the folks at Buckley’s also provide classes for those wanting to learn how to make poultices, salves and liniments as well as lotions, scrubs and lip balms to honing the skills of grafting fruit trees.


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