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Pikes Peak Derby Dames Bout


June 24, 2012 by csukach

The Pikes Peak Derby Dames flat track roller derby league, formed in the summer of 2005, are Colorado Springs, Colo., only league affiliated with the international governing body of women’s flat track roller derby.

In what has been called the fastest growing sport in America, these women’s flat track roller derby competitors play not only for the love of the sport, but for the camaraderie it brings.


They come from all walks of life…

Elemonator—My day job—I’m a pediatrician.  

Grenade—Currently I work as a nanny, but in the fall I’m starting my own preschool.

Inyahbiz—Uhm, just being a mom.  That’s my number one day job—actually, that’s 24-hour. 

Elemonator —A lot of my coworkers and colleagues are fairly astounded when they find out that I play roller derby.

[You go girls!  Yeah!]

Members compete in bouts consisting of two 30-minute halves broken into two-minute jams.   During a jam, the jammer’s goal is to pass as many of the other team’s players as she can…

Inyahbiz —In two minutes, just pretty much skate around the track and avoid getting hit and just pass as many opposing players as you can.

…while the pivot and blockers’ jobs are to provide defense and offense as required.

Elemonator —Offensively, my role as a blocker is to help my jammer get through by blocking the other blockers so that she can get through.  And my defensive job is to block that other jammer from getting past me. 

Grenade—Uhm, pivot is basically the same as a blocker except for I wear a special cover over my helmet, which has a stripe down the middle.  And that basically means I’m kind of in charge of the pack of blockers. 

The pivot determines how fast or slow the pack should go so the jammer can break through and score.

Grenade—You never know what’s going to happen once the whistle blows.

Inyahbiz —I just start to picture, like oh, wow, look at her she looks like she can hit hard or she looks like she’s fast and that stuff just goes through my mind. 

Elemonator —Really the only things we should be using to block are our shoulders, our backs and our hips and upper thighs. 

And in this full-contact sport, blocks can result in falls.

Grenade—Falling small we call it.  That means you’re not splaying yourself out on the floor when you fall.  You wanna fall nice and tight.

The Slamazons say the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to roller derby.

Grenade—It takes hard work and commitment and dedication and if you give it that, it can just be wonderful.

The Derby Dames’ next bout is August 18th.  Reporting from the City Auditorium, I’m Chris Sukach.


  1. Billy Boyer says:

    you ladies are awesome. I’ve been hooked since last year when my daughter treated me to your double-header on fathers day.

  2. Micah says:

    Great video! PPDD = Roller Derby Elite!

  3. csukach says:

    Thanks! It was great fun working with the Slamazons!

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