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How Does Your Garden Grow?


July 15, 2012 by csukach

The Pikes Peak Urban Gardens demonstration garden at the historic Harlan Wolfe Ranch in Colorado Springs, Colo., is a place where people can learn about biodynamic gardening.

Staffed by volunteers who share watering and weeding duties as well as gardening tips, the demonstration gardeners work to teach visitors about ecofriendly backyard gardening.

The demonstration garden is open twice a week to visitors who want to stop by and pick their own herbs and vegetables for a small fee.


Sean Svette, Lead Gardener:  We maintain this space basically to show people what can be done with our method of gardening.

Kevin Young, Garden Intern:  Thursdays and Saturdays, 9:00 to noon, we have pick and pay.  Basically, you can come in and pick your own vegetables or we can help you pick them.

Svette:  We want to encourage everything to grow well and when you do that, you actually create this sub-ecosystem that takes care of itself.

Young:  It’s pretty easy.  It’s nice and relaxed—you can pretty much just do your thing, hang out with people and work.

Svette:  When you do biodynamic gardening, you’re really trying to enliven the soil and you’re trying to build pretty much a whole system here.  You’re trying to increase pollinators and you can see it in the soil too.  When you dig down, you see earthworms; you see a lot of insects and bugs.

Young:  During the Waldo Canyon Fire, you know that big old heat wave, we had to water a lot more.  And of course during that, we had to break up the soil so that the water would get down into the roots.

Svette:  I’m by no means like a seasoned gardener, you know.  I’m learning as I go, so I have a lot to learn and so when people come in it’s a really great shared experience.

NATSOUND:  “Here it’s so fresh.”

Svette:  So I can maybe show them a little of what I know but some of these gardeners around the neighborhood have a lot to show me too.

Young:  Really it’s interesting and it brings out the kids because for some reason kids really love to pick carrots.

Svette:  It’s just wonderful for people to come in and instead of just being handed a beet or a fistful of carrots, they can actually be given a chance to see it coming from the ground.  And you hear like the concept of the seed to plate concept and this is really where it is.  The bottom line is, you know you can say all these great things like ‘It’s sustainable,’ and you know, ‘We’re saving the world,’ and you know and all these other wonderful things but at the end of the day, it just tastes better.  You know, it’s so good.  So I get to eat really, really great. (Laughter)


  1. Mike says:

    Wow…super story…well produced.

  2. csukach says:

    Thanks #1 Fan!!!

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