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Farmers’ Markets–Growing Local Commerce


July 22, 2012 by csukach

As a business model, farmers’ markets have garnered national attention.  As with many farmers’ markets, the one in Old Colorado City, Colo., is not just about business, it’s about community.

At the market, vendors emphasize that they do it all and are responsible not only for just their products but for the feel and atmosphere of the market itself.

In addition to being experts in the production of their products, vendors also do their own advertising, marketing and customer relations.


Roxanne Hayes, Bone of Contentment owner:  “Before I started selling here I used to come and shop here a lot and this market has always been very well-received and very well supported, which is nice.”

Dawn Maidment, Dawn’s Creations owner:  “It’s just a nice social atmosphere.”

NATSOUND:  Customer:  “We just came by to say, ‘Hello.’”  Maidment:  “Nice to see you sweetheart.”

Maidment:  “It’s also great advertising for my business because it’s here in Bancroft Park.  It’s right down the street from my shop.”

NATSOUND:  Burns:  “I want you to taste them because we’re here almost every week.  That’s our linguica and you can try that too.”

Cliff Burns, Rocky Mountain Meat Co. co-owner:  “We elect to do strictly mobile, that way we don’t have any overhead and we don’t produce enough to be in a grocery store.”

Hayes:  “So this is the third year that I’ve done it.  I love the people.  I love the location.  In my opinion, I think it’s the best farmers’ market in town.  And just, it’s nice to see clients on a regular basis.”

Maidment:  “Most of it is education.”

NATSOUND:  Maidment:  “It’s a sensitive plant.”

Maidment:  And to be teaching people how to grow things, not having them take it home and die so they go buy another one.”

Hayes:  “And it’s nice to have total control over the product because I am the owner, I am the baker—I do everything.”

Burns:  “And you’ve got to give a sample.  It’s just like going fishing.  You can’t go fishing and just throw a hook in the water, right?  And that would be just like throwing my hook in the water.  You’ve got to put a little bait on there and once they sample it, they love it, yeah.”

Maidment:  “And they know what they’re selling.  It’s not like somebody at a grocery store—most of the time they do know what they’re selling but they don’t want to take the time to tell you.”

Hayes:  “Which melon is better?   You know, is this one—is it going to be ripe today?  Should I eat it in a couple of days?  You know, and I love the vendors—all the people that you get to know over the years.  It’s just absolutely wonderful.


  1. Mike says:

    Great title…this is an awesome blog!!

  2. csukach says:

    I’m kinda partial to the title myself!

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